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online video books in dentistry
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Video books: a totally new online format of e-learning in dentistry
Each Vbook consists of several video pages (episodes) with a detailed scientific description of the highest educational level provided by the most famous dentists in the world
Vbook by Domenico Ricucci
Video book by Dr. Domenico Ricucci on biologically based endodontic treatment. 6 video pages (episodes) showing complex clinical cases of particular interest for both general dentists and specialists, where Endodontology plays a central role

Vbook by Yoshi Terauchi
This is the video book by Dr. Yoshi Terauchi on using ultrasonics in broken file removal.
Vbook by Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi
Dental trauma and autotransplantation
Vbook by Jose F. Siqueira
Challenges and strategies to disinfect the apical root canal system
How the Vbook subscription works
Online video books in dentistry
Sign up for any particular Vbook
You can sign up for any particular Vbook project. Right after registration you will receive an email with your login/password to enter your personal account.
Watch the video pages (episodes) of the chosen Vbook in your personal account
The video pages (episodes) will appear available for watching in your personal account on this website right after registration.
Come back to your Vbook subscription at any time within 6 months
You can watch and re-watch your Vbook as many times as you want within 6 months after subscribing.

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